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iPhone SE 3 sale date may have already leaked: mark your calendars for this day

The iPhone SE 3 could hit shelves from March 10, a recent leak in the build-up to Apple’s March 8 event suggests.

The iPhone SE 3 is expected to be one of the stars of Apple’s March 8 event alongside the new iPad Air and of course new MacBook models based on Apple’s next-generation M2 chip. But the focus is on the iPhone SE 3, as it will be the new entry-level iPhone in Apple’s otherwise expensive line of iPhones, with a starting cost of around $300. While the launch is March 8, a new leak hints that Apple could hit shelves by March 10.

According to a recent report from iMore, the new iPhone SE 3 will have a “release date” of March 10. Since the event is scheduled for March 8, it seems that the sale of this new iPhone SE could take place from March 10. information was obtained after a list of Belkin Protective Glass films for the iPhone SE on Amazon Japan. Apple hasn’t confirmed or denied anything yet.

iPhone SE 3 sale date 2 days after launch

The list of protective glass films also hints at the front design of the new iPhone SE, which is no different from the latest iPhone SE 2020 generation. Therefore, the phone will have these retro-style bezels on the top and at the bottom, and a fingerprint sensor on the Home button. This is in line with previous rumors that suggest the iPhone SE is a small spec bump instead of an all-new phone designed from the ground up.

The iPhone SE series has always recycled older models in search of a lower price. The current-generation iPhone SE 2020 is almost identical to the iPhone 8 from 2017, except for the repositioned Apple logo and new colors. Before that, the original iPhone SE was simply a repurposed iPhone 5S that used the same chipset as the iPhone 6S.

Going forward, the iPhone SE 4 is expected to end up borrowing bits and pieces from the older iPhone XR, or the soon-to-be-discontinued iPhone 13 Mini. Recent leaks had suggested a 5.7-inch screen on this next-gen model. Since the iPhone SE has always adhered to compact designs, it makes more sense for Apple to base it on the less popular iPhone 13 Mini.