Calendar planner

Lunatask is a note/calendar/habit tracker app that will make your life easier

The right planner can change your life, or at least organize it. When you can keep your to-do list, calendar, notes, and productivity aids all in one place, it feels like there’s nothing you can’t do.

Lunatask is an all-in-one planner that can give you the control and structure you need to get the most out of your day. For a limited time, a lifetime subscription to Lunatask Premium is on sale for $49 (usually $180).

A great to-do list and scheduling app

Lunatask is fantastic productivity software that apparently has tools for everything. You get a better version of to-do lists, a full calendar with time blocking, habit tracker, note taker, and even an emotion diary. And everything is secured behind end-to-end encryption.

What makes Lunatask unique is how hard its developer has pushed some of its features. You can find many decent to-do list apps. But finding one that comes with its own Pomodoro timer, auto-tiering, status tracking, scheduling, progress limit, and loads of customization options is just unheard of. And every feature available on Lunatask is like that.

The calendar can sync with Google, Outlook, iCloud, Fastmail or any other calendar that supports CalDAV, to show you all your tasks clearly organized. You can create notes for different events and even quickly join Zoom and Google Meet calls.

Additionally, Lunatask can track how you feel during and after these meetings with its mood tracking feature. Keep tabs on your energy, mood, and activity level in a daily journal that lets you visualize the emotional landscape of your days.

If you see that you could be happier or have more breaks throughout the day, open the habits tool and create custom routines that can build good habits and help you get rid of bad ones. And you can take notes about the whole process in Lunatask’s password-protected notepad.

Save on Lunatask

Diehard users love Lunatask. One named Domnik P. on Product Hunt wrote, “I’ve been using Lunatask for a while and what always strikes me is how quickly it scales. Every month there are new features to play with. Another satisfied App Store reviewer simply wrote, “This is an amazing app. A real nugget. »

Take note of everything. Get a Lunatask Premium lifetime subscription on sale for $49 (usually $180).

Prices subject to change.