Customizable calendar

Manage overdue tasks with Google Calendar

Google’s latest update to its Calendar app offers deeper integration with Tasks. It is now much easier to view and manage overdue tasks through a new “Pending” sectionavailable on its web and mobile versions.

This new feature comes shortly after the app received an update in December 2021 which added an option that allows users to repeat tasks with customizable rules and conditions. It was a move that would potentially offer better productivity tracking and management.

Google Calendar has come a long way since its inception. It has constantly received updates over the years. These incremental additions are all aimed at helping users boost the efficiency and quality of their work and productivity, some of which may have gone unnoticed to this day.

The new Pending section will appear as a drop-down menu that will highlight the number of overdue tasks you may have missed or overlooked during a 30 day period. It details the date it was established and when it was originally due. From there you can take immediate action from the application, in particular by changing the condition of the task or by marking it as completed.

This update comes in the form of a small but caring one that adds more utility to the already quite robust Google Calendar. Considering that millions of people use this particular application daily for work and general productivity, it is a win-win scenario for everyone. It is already available through the web application, while Android and iOS users can expect February 17 and March 1respectively.