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Meet the Scarborough women who are raising awareness about menopause – by imitating the Calendar Girls

Menopause Meet formed this year at the Hub Community Center in Newby and Scalby, offering 10 two-hour sessions in which 12 women shared their stories of how menopause has affected them, along with expert advice.

The women quickly became strong friends as they discussed the issues they were having – and are now creating the calendar to raise funds to support more women through menopause.

Organizer Helen King said: “The first week these ladies came into the room, some of them quite broken and in need of help. We threw the tissues on the table for the first two or three weeks. Over time, they formed bonds and friendships. It is now a lifelong friendship group.

Members of Menopause Meet get ready for their photoshoot

The idea for the calendar originated from a trip by Helen King to see Calendar Girls on stage. Menopause Meet members responded enthusiastically.

The schedule is revolved around Newby and Scalby, using settings ranging from the Hub and chemists to cricket and rugby clubs and housing estates. It will be A3 in size and each page will include a fact about menopause, useful links and a large area where women can write down anything from dates to how they are feeling.

“It’s really going to be for women across the country, not just locally,” Ms King said. “We hope that sales will fund events such as the formation of trainer groups, giving employees of large companies a full day of training that they can take back to the workplace and form their own support groups.”

One of the band members, Louise Smith, said of the band: “It wasn’t just about medical treatments, it was about anything you could do to try to make life a little bit better. during menopause. It matched how I felt about it, as I wasn’t feeling well physically and emotionally, and I was trying to deal with the hot flashes, lack of sleep, and everything that went with it.

The group started with a £1,000 grant from North Yorkshire County Council’s Stronger Communities team.