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M&S shoppers upset over issue of free advent calendars containing gin and vouchers

M&S announced earlier this week that it would be giving away free advent calendars to customers – containing goodies like gin light snow globes, gift cards and food discounts.

But the retailer found itself in hot water with a number of shoppers who said they couldn’t get one.

After the Manchester Evening News shared news of the new digital advent calendars, which can be found on the Sparks app, a number of people complained on our Facebook page saying the calendars could not be found.

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Speaking of Advent Calendars, Danielle Papagapiou, Head of Loyalty at M&S, said: “The response to the calendar so far has been phenomenal. We’ve already seen 800,000 customers get involved and take advantage of the great deals available. – from the exclusive Gary Barlow Contest for free gifts to big discounts on your Christmas shopping.

“With several days left, customers should log in quickly to download the M&S app and make sure they don’t miss a thing!”

However, not all buyers were able to use it.

Debbie Jackson wrote on the MEN Facebook page: “Nothing on my app.”

Shirley Lambert added: “I wasn’t doing this in my M&S yesterday or tonight.”

“I’m glad it’s not just me without an offer on my app,” Janet Morgan wrote.

Katy Adam said: ‘Mine not working says click here to open door today and then nothing.’

And Taylor Brooke said: “Nothing on my Sparks app. And I’ve had the same offer available only there for the past two weeks, £10 off Garry Barlow tickets. I’ve had no offer food or anything else for weeks. But definitely no calendar on my Sparks app.”

However, some people seemed to find a way to make the advent calendar work to help those in trouble.

“If it doesn’t show up in your app. Uninstall and install,” suggested Dorreen Holt.

Hafia Evans suggested: “I had to sign up with a different email and then it happened. 25% off cards and gift wrap was the first day. They also gave me 5 £ on £40. So much for ‘loyalty’ rewards.”

And not everyone was impressed with the offerings behind the doors.

Margaret Morrison said: “Despite having a Sparks card, I cannot access this offer as I am one of many members who do not have a smartphone. Unfair.”

“20% off Chopped Pies,” Amy Lake wrote – followed by a sick emoji.

Joanne West said: “Day 1 was 20% off Chopped Pies…”

But now it looks like the calendar is back up and running on the Sparks app.

An M&S spokesperson urged customers to update their version of the app.

They told the Manchester Evening News: “We rolled out our Sparks Advent Calendar to our 13 million Sparks customers on Wednesday morning and so far over 800,000 customers have engaged and we’ve seen over 100,000 M&S app downloads.

“We encourage all of our customers to update their version of the M&S app for the best experience.”