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New Google Calendar Update Will Help You Organize Your Workday Better – MobileSyrup

Google Calendar’s new “Time Insights” feature is here to help you better organize your workdays, letting you see “how your time is spent between meetings and coworkers.”

According to Google, the goal of Time Insights is to give you a better understanding of how your time is spent, allowing you to make changes if you spend too much time on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or any other video conference room. . You can get a detailed breakdown of your calendar, including working hours and meeting hours.

Additionally, Google discusses how the shift to remote working due to the pandemic has resulted in the need for virtual meetings, many of them. “Some people have more meetings and may feel less in control of how their work time is spent. Time Insights can show you this data and help you better plan your time, ”the Google blog read.

The new feature can focus on the days and times when you’re most likely to be in a meeting. You’ll also get a time breakdown, including the average time spent in meetings each day, and information about who you have the most meetings with. When you hover your mouse over someone, Google Calendar highlights all the meetings they’ve attended and are involved in.

Time Insights will be available exclusively on web calendars and not on mobile devices. The information is normally only accessible to you, but if you manage other people’s calendars and they have allowed the “manage share access” permission, you will also be able to see their time and vice information. versa.

Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and nonprofit customers will be able to use the new functionality.

The feature has started rolling out to admins, while end users in the Quick Publish domain can expect the feature to start rolling out on September 6 and could take up to 15 days or more for the release to begin. feature becomes fully active.

For end users in the “Schedule Release” domain, the “Time Insights” feature will begin rolling out on September 20 and could take up to 15 days or more to become fully available.

Learn more about Google’s Time Insights here.

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