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Overview of the UK Non-Priority Consumer Credit Market, 2021 and Beyond – Impact of Regulations, Growth Forecasts for Each Segment, Profiles of 40 Lenders –

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Non-preferred consumer credit in the UK: Market analysis report 2021” report has been added to from offer.

Review of the non-priority or high-rate consumer credit market. It describes the market for consumer credit contracts with average fixed interest rates above 30% per annum and profiles the main lenders involved.

He understands:

  • Review of each market segment

  • Discussion of key segment issues, including the impact of regulation, and sets out our historical and forecast growth estimates for each

  • A set of 40 lender profiles active in the industry, covering financial performance, ownership, loan products offered, market positioning, company activity and lender history

Covers the following segments and the lenders operating within them:

  • Guarantor financing (major providers include Amigo Loans and Trust Two and George Banco from Non Standard Finance)

  • High-cost short-term credit (after the exit of the majority of the biggest companies in the last two years, the main providers include Gain Credit and My Jar)

  • Credit collected at home (main providers include Morses Club, Non-Standard Finance and Provident)

  • Installment credit (major providers include daily loans from Non-Standard Finance, Oakbrook Finance, Darwin and Oplo)

  • Auto finance (major providers include S&U plc’s Advantage, Provident’s Moneybarn, First Response and Startline)

  • Credit card and other revolving loans (major providers include CapitalOne, NewDay, and Provident’s Vanquis)

  • Pawn brokerage (major providers include H&T Group and Ramsdens Financial)

  • Logbook loans (main providers include Loans2Go, Greenlight Credit and Norfolk Capital’s Mobile Money)

  • Rent-to-own (after Brighthouse exit, major providers include Temple Finance and Mutual)

Who is the report intended for?

  • Non-core business operators themselves

  • Investors in these companies

  • Retailers

  • Market regulators and policy makers

  • Banks, analysts, consultants and other parties with interests in the sector

What are the sources and the methodology?

  • Interviews with high-level contacts in the consumer credit industry

  • In-depth analysis of the macroeconomic environment and relevant market drivers

  • Financial analysis of the accounts of companies in the sector

Information from these sources has been synthesized and presented in a clear and concise manner with extensive use of graphs and tables to illuminate points and support conclusions.

Market forecasts have been constructed from simple and clearly stated assumptions. Supporting evidence is provided for our assumptions, but readers can adjust them as needed to model alternative scenarios.

Main topics covered

Secondary consumer credit market

  • Definition

  • Number of secondary consumers

  • Unpreferred Consumer Credit Market Segments

  • Market growth

  • Non-Preferred Consumer Credit Segments

1. Funding of the guarantor

  • Definition

  • Key players

  • sector size

  • Industry trends

2. High Cost Short Term Credit (HCSTC)

  • Definition

  • Key players

  • Industry size and trends

  • Insight: Price caps make traditional payday loans unprofitable

3. Credit collected at home

  • Definition

  • Key players

  • sector size

  • Industry trends

  • Source: Apex Insight analysis

4. Installment Credit

  • Definition

  • Key players

  • sector size

  • Industry trends

5. Car financing

  • Definition

  • Important players

  • Industry size and trends

  • Industry trends

  • Insight: Non-Preferred Credit Makes Up a Small Part of the Auto Finance Market

6. Credit cards and other revolving loans

  • Definition

  • Key players

  • sector size

  • Industry trends

7. Pawnbroker

  • Definition

  • Important players

  • sector size

  • Industry trends

8. Loans of logbooks

  • Definition

  • Important players

  • sector size

  • Industry trends

9. Lease-purchase

  • Definition

  • Important players

  • sector size

  • Industry trends

  • Insight: Non-prime finance is slowly leaving the high street

  • Alternatives

  • credit unions

  • Community Development Finance Institutions

  • Fintech solutions

  • Government alternatives

  • Unauthorized lenders

  • Forecasts

  • High Cost Short Term Credit (HCSTC)

  • Credit collected at home

  • Installment credit including certain second mortgages

  • Automotive financing

  • Credit card and other revolving loans

  • Pawnbroker

  • Logbook Loans

  • Rent with option to buy

Non-Preferred Credit Utilization Factors

  • Economic growth

  • Consumer loan

  • Unemployment and underemployment

  • Wage growth and the impact of benefit policies

  • Levels of self-employment and union membership

  • Housing costs

  • Access to traditional finance

  • Personal insolvency and bankruptcy

  • Other indicators of poverty: food bank use and sleeping rough

Regulation of non-privileged credits

  • FCA Rules

  • Insight: Affordability regulation is key to the market

  • Complaints/losses FOS

  • Financial performance of lenders

  • Productivity analysis

  • Firms abandoning secondary consumer credit

Major lenders (loan books > £20m)

Companies cited

  • 1st stop

  • Active titles

  • Finance Advantage

  • Amigo Loans

  • Before Credit

  • Bamboo

  • Billing Finance

  • blue engine

  • Capital one

  • Take-out payment

  • CashEuroNet UK (Enova)

  • Caversham Finance (Brighthouse)

  • Darwin Lending Solutions (Evolution, Progressive)

  • DJ (UK)

  • Elevate Credit International (Sunny)

  • United Kingdom

  • finance

  • First response

  • earn credit

  • Go car loan

  • Green light credit

  • H&T Group PLC (Harvey & Thompson)

  • Indigo Michael (Safety Net Credit)

  • Instant Cash Loans

  • Loans2Go

  • Madison CF UK (118,118 Silver)

  • Mallard Rental

  • Marsh

  • Morse Club

  • Mutual


  • New day

  • Capital of Norfolk

  • Oakbrook Funding

  • LDP financing

  • Premium Package

  • Private & Commercial

  • Foresight

  • Ramsdens Financial

  • Quick funding

  • Starting line

  • Financing of temples

  • think about the money

  • Uncle Buck Finance LLP

  • Valor Finance

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