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Pre-order Mental Floss 2022 Desk Calendar for Curious Readers


Earlier this year, Mental Floss released The curious reader: a literary mix of novels and novelists. True to its title, the book contains just about everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite authors, your favorite books, and how your favorite authors came to write your favorite books.

There are at least as many facts in its pages as there are days in a year. So, with that in mind, we partnered up with Andrews McMeel Publishing to make this a 2022 desk calendar. Since not everything in the calendar is coming straight from The curious reader, even people who have read the book from cover to cover can learn a lot.

And when it comes to getting your daily fix of literary knowledge (or conversation food with a water cooler), you just can’t beat a desk calendar. On January 5, you will learn that the phrase until death do us part did not fully apply to Charles Dickens and his beloved cat, Bob: when Bob died in 1862, the Great expectations the author had his paw stuffed and attached to the handle of an ivory letter opener. You will also learn that a young Alice Walker cultivated her love of reading and writing during a period of solitude after a BB gun accident; which author hated modern technology so much that he did not use a telephone; and that one of the masters of 20th century detective fiction worked as an executive in an oil company.

The 5 inch by 5 inch calendar features easy tear-off pages and an easel stand so you can put it on a desk or shelf. It’s available from September 28, and you can find the details to pre-order it here.