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Rowlett’s Budget Calendar Set | News


Rowlett City Council set its fiscal calendar for fiscal 2023 at its December 14 meeting.

From 2022, city staff will undergo budget training to understand the new model of how the budget process works.

According to the presentation by budget officer Robert Cone, departmental budget submissions will be collected by April 18. Preliminary assessments of the tax rolls will begin on May 9. The city’s budget will be proposed on July 12. The Dallas County Certified Assessment of Tax Rolls will take place on July 25. The hearing on the proposed tax rate will be released on August 9, followed by the hearing set for August 16. The budget should be adopted the next day. The next fiscal year will begin on October 1 and a tax election, if necessary, will take place on November 8.

“We have compressed the schedule to allow maximum flexibility in determining the budget,” Cone said.

City Manager Brian Funderburk said Texas Senate Bill 2 makes the budgeting process more of a partnership between city departments and residents. While city council members may make last-minute changes to the budget of past years, that is no longer an option, he said.

“When I say partnership, there may be significant changes we need to make before we pass our budget when in the past they were smaller,” said Funderburk. “In the last couple of years we haven’t focused on this, and now it’s going to surprise some of you who have been on the board longer. It’s going to make it look like we’re going that fast, and we have to do it. “

Funderburk said the budget calendar could serve as a model going forward with minor adjustments to dates depending on the year.