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Showtime and Plumbers bosses furious at ‘malicious’ £ 10,000 fine for Covid-19 violation

Two of Huddersfield’s best-known pub owners have been fined thousands of pounds for Covid-19 violations which Kirklees Council claims risked the health of the public.

Ian Snowball who runs Showtime bar on Zetland Street faces a £ 7,000 bill and Mark Robertson who owns The Plumbers Arms in Huddersfield Town Center was issued with two notices of fixed penalty totaling £ 3,000.

Both concern alleged breaches of England’s Euro final against Italy on July 11 and both men have 28 days to pay fines or appeal.

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Mr Robertson is accused of selling alcohol at a small outdoor bar on his Macaulay Street premises to customers who were not seated and the second offense refers to patrons standing drinking without any attempt to challenge by the staff.

There was wild scenes at the plumbers that night with over 300 revelers flock to the pub.

There was an electric atmosphere with outdoor TV screens in the front and back with many patrons saying it was the best party they had ever attended.

A young woman having fun amid cheerful scenes at Plumbers Arms on Sunday 11 July, when England faced Italy in the Euro final at Wembley

At one point West Yorkshire Police officers threatened to close the pub if more efforts were not made for people to sit, which prompted over 100 chairs to be hurriedly put away.

But both owners are adamant they will appeal the fines, with Mr Snowball saying, “I’m not going to pay, there’s no chance in the world.

“The night of the match against England, I had fans of Sheffield and Leeds wanting to come to our house but we couldn’t accommodate them so I sent them to the plumbers. ”

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Mr Robertson added: “On the night of the final we did everything we could to try to keep people seated, but no one could imagine what was going to happen.

“There is a public road leading to Huddersfield Coach Station past the pub so we couldn’t stop people from walking and obviously they got carried away by the party atmosphere and we couldn’t do nothing about it.

“It’s ridiculous – all over the country there will have been patrons jumping up and down that night – it was England’s biggest night in decades – and almost every pub in the country will have breaks the Covid rules at some point, just as advice is okay Everyone?

Fixed Penalty Notice sent by Kirklees Council to Ian Snowball of Showtime Bar, Zetland Street, Huddersfield town center
Fixed Penalty Notice sent by Kirklees Council to Ian Snowball of Showtime Bar, Zetland Street, Huddersfield town center

“The other point is that Kirklees Council could have organized its own show in Place Saint-Georges but not for the first time showed no imagination and so it’s up to us to do something about it.

“There’s also the big picture. Investors look at how Kirklees works and wonder with that kind of attitude if this is the kind of city they want to invest their money in and that kind of approach doesn’t help. not.

“If I have to end up paying the fine, I’d rather it go to charity.”

Mr Snowball said: “It is absolutely shameful. I don’t know of a single place in the world that has gone so far that we need to protect ourselves from the spread of coronavirus.

“We employed three times as many staff to comply with the law, who were then all retrained on how to work in the new environment and within the law.

“Regarding the lawsuit, while the initiative of the government was to get the business back on track and put the money back into circulation, the council worked in the opposite direction by maliciously shutting us down during a busy weekend earlier this year and now fining us £ 7,000. “

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