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Stable version of Vivaldi Mail 1.0 email client with calendar and feed reader

Vivaldi released Vivaldi Mail 1.0. The email client is integrated into the web browser and also offers a calendar and a feed reader. Vivaldi introduced a beta for the first time in 2020.

Vivaldi Mail allows users to add multiple email accounts including Google and existing calendar services. This should help people organize their emails and manage schedules, to-do lists, feeds, and more, without leaving their browser.

Stable version of Vivaldi Mail 10 email client with calendar and feed reader

A blog post announcing the mentioned email client:

Launched today, your new Vivaldi Mail 1.0 email client is integrated directly into the Vivaldi browser, allowing you to manage your emails better than ever. Packed with features, Vivaldi Mail seamlessly integrates the built-in Vivaldi Calendar and Vivaldi Feed Reader, giving you greater control over your data and information feeds.

The theme and appearance of the first stable version of Vivaldi Mail gives the impression that Vivaldi has merged Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. The client ensures that emails are easily searchable but organizes them into multiple folders or “Views”. Users, however, can modify and customize organization methods not only for emails, but also for calendars and feeds.

Stable version of Vivaldi Mail 10 email client with calendar and feed reader

Each view has its own search bar and toggle buttons that can show playlists, streams, trash, etc. These are enabled by default but can easily be disabled. Emails, calendars, feeds, etc. are also available as sidebar items. Users can quickly view them while surfing the web without leaving the web page they are on.

To experience Vivaldi Mail 1.0, download and install the latest stable version of Vivaldi browser. Then navigate to Settings > General > Productivity features > Enable Mail, Calendar, and Feeds. Alternatively, just select the “fully loaded” layout when configuring the browser. The new Vivaldi Mail service with Calendar and Feed Reader integration is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users. Vivaldi has yet to confirm if or when the mobile version of the browser will get the same functionality.