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Start 2022 on the right foot by creating a personalized calendar on Mixbook

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While the past two years have certainly had their fair share of ups and downs, there has also been a lot of fun, love and joy. Whether it’s cooking at home with friends or finally being able to take that long-awaited trip home, there are so many happy memories worth keeping.

To help make 2022 a year for good, consider creating a personalized calendar to display around your home. Not only can a calendar help you keep track of important dates and appointments, but when you create one on Mixbook, you can fill it with photos that give you warmth and blur.

Worried that you might not be artistic enough to create something worth exhibiting? Do not worry. Mixbook makes it super easy with over 100 customizable designs. All you have to do is select which photos go where and let Mixbook handle the rest.

With the start of 2022 literally just a few days away, time is running out when it comes to ordering your personalized calendar. To encourage you to place this order as soon as possible, Mixbook is currently having a very good sale. Buyers will receive 50% off orders over $ 139 or 35% off sitewide with code MIXYAHOO22 at checkout. Take a look below at some calendar templates that will look great in any space.

Instagram Calendar, starting at $ 28.99

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Bring your favorite or most loved Instagram photos to life by having them printed in this stunning 2022 Instagram Calendar.

Neutral Calendar by Martha Stewart, starting at $ 28.99

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Don’t want a calendar that will upset the decor of your home? Go with this neutral Martha Stewart calendar.

Modern and Bold Wedding Calendar, starting at $ 28.99

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Did you just tie the knot? Congratulation! Show off your special day in this modern and bold wedding calendar.

Single photo layout, starting at $ 28.99

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Aspiring photographers will love being able to show off their best shots in this uniquely-laid out 2022 calendar.

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