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The Advent Calendar Online Has A Fantastic Christmas Music Playlist


This free Advent calendar website can be used to count days all year round.

Advent calendars are a fun way to count the days until Christmas. Traditional 25-day calendars can help keep a family engaged in the season, while keeping the little ones excited..

MyAdvent offers unlimited and free Advent calendars. The site specializes in personalized and fully customizable Advent calendars. Users can upload pictures, voice messages, self-made videos, or even YouTube videos to create a unique Advent calendar to share with all of their family and friends..

We were particularly drawn to an Advent calendar that features a daily Christmas hymn. The first week featured delicious standards like Handel’s “Messiah” and “Shepherd’s Carol”. There were also lesser-known offerings, like ANÚNA’s rendition of “The Coventry Carol” and “The Wexford Carol” performed by Alison Kraus and Yo-Yo Ma.

The easy-to-use calendar features a new hymn each day of Advent, but users can listen to previous days as well. Listeners create a playlist that keeps growing every day of the season. By day 25 we expect to have several hours of Christmas music at our fingertips.. Our only regret is that the site does not mention the name of the author of the calendar, so we cannot credit the spirit that composed such a fitting Christmas soundtrack.

Although Advent is the main draw of the website, users can continue to create calendars long after the Christmas season. Calendar dates are also fully customizable, so MyAdvent would be just as good for counting the days until a child’s summer birthday, or even a wedding anniversary. Thanks to the personalized nature of the site, users can choose the theme, so it doesn’t have to be Christmas in July.

Those looking for an Advent calendar, or just interested in a great Christmas music playlist, should look no further. Don’t even worry about starting late. It just means you can open even more boxes on the first day.