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The best calendar app alternatives for Android

Of course, the option that might make the most sense is made by Google. Since Android is also developed by the same company, this can help with integration. Google Calendar is one of the most used and rated productivity apps in the Google Play Store. It currently has over a billion downloads. On some Android phone models, this is already the built-in calendar app. It has everything you would need in a planner: you can tap on any day and add events, tasks and reminders. You can set push or email notifications for upcoming events and even set up recurring times. Google Calendar tasks and events can be viewed as a schedule list or in day, 3-day, week, or month increments, making it a great tool for planning ahead.

Which makes it a good candidate to replace your Android phone’s default calendar app – if it’s not Google Calendar already, this is how you can sync it with your GMail account or add the calendars to it other people, as long as they give you permission to access their schedule. Google Calendar is available for Android and iOS, so your whole family, work team, or group of friends can install it on their phones, and you can have all your schedules simultaneously accessible in one place.