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The best chocolate advent calendars of 2021

Chocolate and holidays go hand in hand … well, like chocolate and many other things. That is to say very very well. For many people, children and adults, it’s not Christmas season without a chocolate countdown. In the spirit of making you happy this holiday season, here are the best chocolate filled calendars to sweeten your vacation.

Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar

If you prefer your chocolate in liquid form, go for this Advent Calendar filled with hot chocolate mix sachets in flavors like Pumpkin Spice, Salted Caramel, Campfire Marshmallow and Sticky Toffee.

Classic Santa Claus Advent Calendar

Tiny Santa Claus, snowmen and chocolate elves make this adorable classic chocolatier calendar a hit for all ages.

Advent Calendar La Maison du Chocolat

As much a work of art as the chocolates it contains, this calendar from famous French chocolatier La Maison du Chocolat features treats like handmade mini chocolate bars, fruity candies and dark chocolate pralines.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Advent Calendar

24 of the delicious chocolate pieces from this beloved candy brand hide behind every door of this Advent calendar, just waiting to be unwrapped.

A chocolate Advent calendar

If you want to feel more luxurious, this chocolate-filled Advent calendar includes a range of famous Vosages candies and chocolate bars, as well as toffees, marshmallows, and sweets in adorable shapes like gnomes and hedgehogs. .

COCO Unique Origin Chocolate Advent Calendar

For the chocolate lover minimalist, not only does this calendar have a mod graphic design, it’s also stuffed with mini single-origin chocolate bars in flavors like Colombian dark chocolate and Isle of Skye sea salt.

Charbonnel and Walker Chocolate & Truffle Advent Calendar

Filled with classic and seasonal favorites from British confectioner Charbonnel and Walker, this calendar includes flavors like Milk Fudge Vanilla, Dark Truffle Café, Gingerbread Truffe and Dark Noisette Cream.

Advent Calendar Reeses

24 days of chocolate and peanut butter? Sign us up.

Williams Sonoma Advent Calendar in Peppermint Bark

Williams Sonoma’s crunchy, sweet and minty peppermint bark is famous, so who wouldn’t love the chance to savor a bite of it every December day?

Goodio Vegan Chocolate Advent Calendar

Take a trip north with the Nordic-inspired flavors of these chocolates from Helsinki-based confectioner Goodio, whose vegan and gluten-free chocolates are made from raw, stone-ground cocoa.

Chocolate Advent Calendar, 24 Piece Set

Famous chocolatier Godiva’s entry into this year’s Advent calendar game features a selection of some of their favorite flavors wrapped in dark, milk and white chocolate including chocolate ganache, mint and raspberry.

Williams Sonoma Advent Calendar

Inspired by the poem “A Visit from Saint Nicholas”, you’ll find 24 pieces of chocolate behind these pretty advent calendar doors to unwrap this season.

Charbonnel and Walker

Every bunny will have a happy season with this adorable Peter Rabbit themed calendar filled with delicious milk chocolates.

Chocolate Advent Calendar Duo

Even better than treating yourself to a piece of milk chocolate every day? Get another calendar in the offer to give to a friend.

2021 pop-up advent calendar

This advent calendar just gets prettier as the season progresses, as opening each door to reveal the Neuhaus chocolate confection behind it also adds an aspect to the pop-up scene. And in case that’s not enough, the brand contributes to Make-A-Wish for every pop-up calendar sold.

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