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The best photo calendars 2022

Buying a photo calendar for 2022 – whether for yourself or as a gift – is a great way to stand out from traditional pre-printed calendars. Each month welcomes you with a treasured memory and warm feelings brought by your favorite photos from the past.

The personalized nature of the best photo calendars means you – or a loved one – enjoy something much more valuable than a random collection of cute cats or local firefighters posing visibly topless. Customizable photo calendars let you take your friends and family (or whatever pictures you want) to their best moments, and sit them on the wall with you.

Or maybe it could be you on the wall, as you gift a calendar to your loved ones. The best photo calendars make perfectly personal gifts, with our top picks below all offering easy-to-use creative tools and plenty of themes to choose from.

To get the best results, you’ll want to consider a few factors: how easy the service is to use, how fast it is, how good the end result is, and how much does it cost? We’ve considered these factors and more when narrowing down this list of the best photo calendars you can buy right now.

The Best Photo Calendars for 2022 in the USA

Mixbook client using the service to create a photo calendar

(Image credit: Mixbook)

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1. Mixbook

It’s easy to create beautiful 2022 photo calendars with Mixbook

Reasons to buy


Excellent quality


Easy to use website


Top tips for planning

Reasons to avoid

Can be expensive (but it doesn’t have to be)

Put your photo calendar business Mixbook’s (opens in a new tab) way, and we doubt you’ll be disappointed. In fact, Mixbook does that too – it offers ‘100% Happiness Guaranteed’ with returns available if you’re unhappy for any reason.

So what do you get from Mixbook? For starters, there are over 500 templates to choose from. Even from there, you can fully customize them all, and Mixbook’s software is really easy to use to do so. It goes beyond the photos you choose, as you can also add stickers and pre-printed events to the calendar to mark birthdays, holidays, and other special events.

And if you’re having trouble or a creative block, live chat support is on hand to help you get your year back on track! There are also plenty of additional handy tips and tricks on her website to help you create the perfect 2022 planner.

The thick paper he uses is worth it for a truly high-end gift, and the prices are still quite reasonable.

Mixbook invariably has some sort of offer, so visit the site (opens in a new tab) to see what you can save.

Artifact Uprising Photo Calendars

(Image credit: Artifact Uprising)

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2. Raising Artifacts

Bring a touch of class to 2022

Reasons to buy


Modern and stunning designs


Luxury options


Guaranteed quality

Reasons to avoid

Photos don’t always come out well

Fewer models than most

If you regard your wall calendar as a work of art to be admired or if you really want to impress the recipient of a photo calendar gift, then we strongly suggest you take a look at this Raising Artifacts (opens in a new tab) offers himself.

Yes, you can just order a basic wall calendar. It’s a simple yet elegant design that should suit most homes (don’t expect the many customization options here that you get with Mixbook).

But Artifact Uprising’s point of difference here is in its less…usual options. We are talking about its wooden calendars, its walnut desk calendars and its brass easel calendars. They are truly splendid photo calendars that you will gladly give to a loved one… or to yourself!

We certainly wouldn’t use the word “cheap” to describe this online service, but the quality is excellent and is still backed by the company’s quality guarantee – discover the selection on site (opens in a new tab) and create your new calendar-based wall art now.

Picaboo photo calendar

(Image credit: Picaboo)

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3. Picaboo

User-friendly photo calendar software

Reasons to buy


Fun and easy to use software


Lots of theme inspiration


Fully editable

Reasons to avoid

Photos don’t always come out well

More expensive than some

There’s a lot to love about photo calendars that picaboo (opens in a new tab) provides. Due to the nimble web editing software used to put together and polish your product, it just doesn’t feel like a chore with this service. It’s easy to use and, dare we say it, fun!

One of the things we love about Picaboo is that it encourages you to get creative with your calendar rather than sticking to the regular 12 month viewer. Think baby’s first year, family year in review, or milestone birthdays and anniversaries.

And because the designs are completely customizable, you can be as bold or adventurous as you want with your photos. The only downside we will note is the quality, however. Sometimes the finished item images are not as defined or colorful as you may remember from your gallery.

To see what Picaboo has to offer, go to the service website (opens in a new tab).

Snapfish Photo Calendar

(Image credit: Snapfish)

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4. Snapfish

Attractive photo calendars starting under $10

Reasons to buy


More sizes than Mixbook


Can be picked up in store


Good price

Reasons to avoid

Not a lot of freedom on the design

If you frequently visit CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart, then Snapfish (opens in a new tab) might just be the best option for your photo calendar. It has an agreement with these stores to allow you to pick up in-store, which can be a godsend if you can’t rely on being home to pick up a delivery.

If that’s a big plus for Snapfish, the price is another. Its range starts at under $10 (for desk calendars – wall calendars start at $24.99), so it’s a cheaper option than the rest. This may be reflected in the lack of customization you get, but not so much as standard as high quality paper is still used with classic spiral binding. And like Mixbook, you can specify that certain days of the year are marked with reminders.

Shutterfly Photo Calendar

(Image credit: Shutterfly)

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5. Shutter

Low price, high quality

Reasons to buy


Great value


The photo print comes out well

Reasons to avoid

Not the easiest to use/modify

Less room to choose borders, colors, etc.

Last but not least on our list is Shutter (opens in a new tab). Although it takes our last spot, keep in mind that there are dozens of these services out there, so Shutterfly is still worth checking out. Especially at the price, as this is another photo calendar supplier with prices starting at under $10 for mouse pads and magnetic calendars (calendar posters are available from under $20) . The template designs are also very striking, with some of the most attractive fonts and color combinations we’ve seen. There are over 60 to choose from to get you started. And your choice is widened even further with spiral wall and desk calendars, as well as an easel style for something even more affordable.

From there, you can cut, chop, and customize within reason. Although the control you have over borders and colors is somewhat limited. It feels like you have less say than with a service like Mixbook (opens in a new tab).

Photo Calendar FAQ

What is a Photo Calendar?

At first glance, a photo calendar is a complete 12-month calendar in which you insert your own photos and images. Using the easy-to-use software on the service’s website, you upload your photos, then organize them the way you want from month to month. The service then prints it and sends it.

This makes it perfect fodder for photo gifts (especially around Christmas) because it’s something the recipient – or you – can enjoy for an entire year.

What is the best photo calendar site?

There is strong competition on the web, but Mixbook is our current number 1 (opens in a new tab) best photo calendar site. The builder is really easy to navigate, meaning you’ll be creating professional-looking calendars in minutes. The quality of the finished photo calendar is generally excellent, and while it is more expensive than some, the prices are certainly still what we would call reasonable.

How long does it take me to create a photo calendar?

It all depends on how perfect you are and how personal your photo calendar is. You can literally create a photo calendar in minutes, if you’re happy to stick to the templates provided by the service and know roughly what photos you want to include.

But the best services let you customize everything – down to the number of images per page, their placement, labels for special days, and more. So if you really want to conjure up something special, you might want to give yourself plenty of time to figure it all out.

How long do photo calendars take to ship?

This varies from service to service, but once you’re happy with your design and click ‘Order’, expect to receive your photo calendar after 7-15 days.

As they say, some services are faster than others. But also note that most photo calendar services allow you to pay extra to expedite printing and delivery.

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