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The best photo calendars in 2021


The best photo calendars for 2021 are the perfect way to keep your favorite images in the spotlight throughout the next year. We’ve put the best photo calendar services below to help you jump into 2021.

With 2020 making its final curts and 2021 just on the horizon, you may be starting to think about how you can prepare for the New Year. One of our favorite preparations is investing in a new calendar, but you don’t have to buy a generic calendar filled with someone else’s work. Why not make one of the best photo calendars filled from start to finish with your own amazing pictures.

There is nothing more encouraging than seeing one of your favorite photos when you make an appointment or check the date.

Whether you are looking to create a calendar filled with your best photographic masterpieces or just want to incorporate your favorite images of friends and family, one of the best photo calendar services below can help you create the perfect schedule. Alternatively, you might even want to think of it as a potential Christmas present for photographers.

If you are wondering which is the best photo calendar service, don’t worry. We’ve rounded up the best photo printing companies below. Every website has an easy-to-use photo calendar maker and plenty of stylish designs to help you create something you’re really happy with.

Read below to find out which are the best photo calendars for 2021!

The best photo calendars in 2021

(Image credit: Louise Carey | Digital Camera World)

1. Mixbook personalized photo calendars

Smooth and easy to use, making a photo calendar doesn’t take time at all


Designs: 100 customizable templates

Formats: 12×12 “square or 11×8.5” landscape

Available: Worldwide

Reasons to buy

+Very easy to use+Fully customizable

Reasons to avoid

Limited size optionsNo portrait orientation option

We were very impressed with Mixbook’s photo calendar service. Once you have selected the desired option, a separate window will open. After choosing the photos you want to upload, you can start organizing your images on the calendar (you don’t even have to wait until all the photos have finished uploading),

Organizing photos is simple and easy, as you can swap photos without any hassle. You can also edit your photos on the page by zooming, adjusting brightness, saturation, and other useful controls, or applying a filter (some are pretty fancy, but there are a few useful). You can even add photos to individual date boxes, which is a good idea.

While most of the other calendars in this buying guide don’t have a back cover, the Mixbook offering does. This means that you can insert as many images as possible in your calendar.

With a wide range of color and font options, you can also add text to your calendar anywhere you want, either on the cover or in an individual date box. This is the perfect opportunity to manually add special dates, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

While we found the Mixbook platform to be really easy to use, our only downside is that once you use a photo in the calendar, it disappears from the Photos window. However, that’s only really a problem if you want to reuse an outline (for, say, front and back coverage). Moreover, it is easy to fix it by quickly uploading the image.

Since it was shipped from the US to the UK, the photo calendar arrived fairly quickly – which is perfect if you have a last minute order to make before Christmas.

The quality of the calendar was also very good. All images were printed crisp and clear, and all colors were also true to life. The paper was reassuringly heavy and the design of the calendar section itself was nice and clean with plenty of room to write.

• Order a calendar on Mixbook

(Image credit: Louise Carey | Digital Camera World)

2. Snapfish wall calendar

Snapfish offers ultimate customization for your calendar


Designs: Snapfish has a variety of pictorial models to choose from

Formats: 8.5 x 11 “Wall Calendar, 9 x 12” Fixed Wall Calendar, 11.5 x 14 “Wall Calendar, 12 x 12” Wall Calendar, 10 x 5 “Desk Calendar, 10 x 5” Desk Calendar with Stand imitation leather

Available: United Kingdom and United States

Reasons to buy

+Lots of models+Interesting designs

Reasons to avoid

No back pageCan be tedious

A close competitor to Mixbook’s # 1 photo calendar crown, Snapfish’s offering has the ultimate power of customization and a plethora of templates and designs to stun and wow you. From delicate seasonal illustrations to designs designed specifically for the family, Snapfish is the perfect company to choose if you’re looking to print family snapshots.

However, what makes Snapfish such a strong option for family photos also lets it down for more serious photographers. Our only real problem with Snapfish is that amid all the different designs and designs pictured, it can be difficult to create a simple, clean calendar that leaves the focus on the photos themselves. While you can rig the effect you want by customizing the design, that’s what pushes Snapfish to our number two location.

That being said, we really enjoyed using Snapfish’s calendar service. One of the little touches we especially liked was the fact that you could add a photo to a particular date box and then add a stylishly designed caption on top – such as “The day we first met” or “L ‘Helen’s birthday’, etc.

Overall, Snapfish is easy to use and has plenty of customization options – if only there was a classic option that was really beautifully designed for more serious photographers, and Snapfish would have grabbed our number one location.

• Order a calendar from Snapfish

(Image credit: Louise Carey | Digital Camera World)

3. Walmart Photo Calendar

Walmart Offers Competitive Service to US-Based Customers


Designs: Wall Calendar, Desk Calendar, Poster Calendar, Easel Calendar, Planning Calendar, Photo Mounted Calendar

Formats: 8×11 “, 11×14”, 12×12 “, 5×11”, 10×5 “

Available: we

Reasons to buy

+Easy to use+Lots of customization options

Reasons to avoid

No shipping outside of the United StatesLack of simple designs

If you are an American customer looking for convenience and supreme personalization, Walmart could very well be your best bet. Super easy to use, Walmart’s photo calendar service lets you start creating your calendar while your images are still uploading in the side window (which is very useful when uploading multiple photos).

One of the best things about Walmart’s service is that you have a ton of design and layout options to choose from. While we only created wall calendars for each of the services we tried, Walmart even has desk and easel options for those who want to take their calendars to the next level.

Some fun little quirks that we especially like are that you can add photos to the date squares, you can change the back cover of the calendar, and you can also add text anywhere you like on the calendar. One of the best parts of the text tool is that you can choose exactly what hue you want to write by controlling the Hue, Saturation, and Lightness sliders.

Overall, Walmart offers an easy to use service with a good range of designs and layouts, and plenty of customization options. If you live in the United States, it is definitely worth trying Walmart’s photo calendar service.

• Order a calendar at Walmart

(Image credit: Louise Carey | Digital Camera World)

4. Social print studio wall calendar

Streamlined process helps you quickly create your calendar


Design: Portrait calendar

Format: Calendar 11 x 17 “with each month an image measuring 11 x 8.5”

Available: United Kingdom and United States

Reasons to buy

+Streamlined process+Clean and simple design

Reasons to avoid

Upload limit of 12 photosLimited customization

Social Print Studio is the place to go if you want a clean, simple, and streamlined process with no unnecessary frills. While you don’t have a lot of options regarding the format or size of the calendar (okay, you have precisely one option…), what you can work with is beautifully designed.

Besides a quirk where you have to upload the photo for the cover and the images for the inside pages separately, Social Print Studio’s system is really easy to use. Although their website will automatically fill in each month’s photo for you, you can easily change the order by clicking on two frames to swap the photos they contain.

Unfortunately, unlike the Mixbook service, you also cannot add a photo to the back of the calendar. However, you can choose whether you want national holidays in your calendar, but be aware that you can only select US holidays.

Overall, Social Print Service is a great option if you don’t care too much about customizing your calendar with lots of additional options.

• Order a calendar from Social Print Studio

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