Calendar template

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center publishes the Hijri calendar for the year 1444 AH

Also, information about the virtue of each Hijri month and related events, details about zodiacs, droor, li, seasons, major astronomical events related to land and sea conditions and the movements of tide of value for members of society, and people who deal with this subject.

The center has enhanced the 1444 AH Hijri calendar package to include a hanging calendar containing details of prayer times in Abu Dhabi and the cities within it, the rise of Suhail, quotes, sayings, wisdom, international days, holidays and occasions.

It also contains a Hijri calendar notebook which contains explanations of Hijri months, associated definitions, corresponding Gregorian months, as well as coincident astronomical events, zodiacs, Ṭāli and climate-related characteristics of human activity in the sea and agriculture. It also includes variations in prayer times in towers and soaring buildings and variations in prayer times from region to region.

The rich content of the Hijri notebook is presented in a concise format making it accessible to members of society of different age groups, not to mention the glossary of scientific and astronomical terms.

It is further enriched by a set of graphs of interest to specialists in the fishing industry; explaining the seasons abundant in fish of all kinds, the compass of the winds, and the names of the different types of winds used by the ancestors in the past, as well as the seasons for vegetable and fruit crops,

The Center continues to publish the episodes of the “Hijri Calendar” series, which is part of the components of the project in a brand new format featuring rich religious and cultural content, informing the viewer about the Hijri calendar presented by one of the tours cultural center specialists.

The Center has completed the update of the Hijri calendar for the year 1444 AH “intelligent interactive application” recently launched by the center for all cities and regions of the United Arab Emirates each separately, to include everything contained in the calendar paper, including the agenda, unique information and features, in an easy-to-use technical template.