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The sold out beauty advent calendars we didn’t expect to see still in stock have been massively reduced

Beauty advent calendars are still available online with huge price drops.

December 1 seems to have arrived so quickly this year – and now there will be a scramble to get those HUGE calendars full of discounted products.

Who said you needed a beauty advent calendar to start December? Remember these products are crammed into Advent boxes which could have cost you £100, and now some have huge savings of 60%.

Boxes from top brands including Amazon, Boohoo and Makeup Revolution are still available online.

Here’s a mix of our reviews of what products you can get, where you can still get them, and how much you can buy them.

Boohoo Advent Calendar



Boohoo has released a pretty impressive 2021 advent calendar – you can find some huge brand names including the best-selling Bondi Sands Aero Liquid Gold which is full size.

The fashion store has launched the £140 calendar for just £60 – you can now pick it up online here for just £24.

Amazon Advent Calendar

The Amazon Beauty Advent Calendar 2021.
The 2021 Amazon Beauty Advent Calendar is full of high-end products.


the Amazon Advent Calendar every year makes a splash, but this year seemed a little different.

Nevertheless, there is still an incredible list of high-end products, but it just hasn’t seemed as popular this year.

You can now get the proposed calendar right now for just £39.99with an initial retail price of £70, it’s a fantastic bargain.

And, with over £260 worth of product, it’s well worth taking a look.

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar

Makeup Revolution

For makeup fans, this calendar is a godsend.

For only £30from £40 you can get a great mix of makeup products that you may never be able to get discounted for that price again.