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The Whiskeys of the Galaxy Advent Calendar is the best liquor gift of 2021

Flaviar’s $250 Whiskey Tasting Calendar is the best gift for a spirits nut in 2021.

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Just like the universe, the world of whiskeys keeps expanding and that’s what makes geeking so much fun. flaviar offers a whiskey and whiskey tasting subscription and knows a little something about the popular brown spirit and in all its forms. For the holidays, Flaviar offers something special through a 24-for Galaxy Whiskey Tasting Calendar with sips from all corners of the whiskey producing world. It’s a total palate stretcher for an alcohol lover and pretty much the best gift to give a whiskey drinker in 2021.

If you are new to the trendy advent calendaryou should be aware that they are often made in limited quantities and can sell out quickly, especially the best advent calendars. Flaviar’s whiskey tasting version is still taking pre-orders for $250 a pop, but inventory will almost certainly dry up, as it has in most years.

I was lucky enough to check out an early copy of the 2021 space-themed whiskey calendar. I’m happy to report that it’s even more fun than it looks.

What is that?

The calendar comes with 24 quality drams neatly packaged in a vaguely Star Wars themed box. The idea is to open and taste a whiskey every day from December until Christmas. There’s a sleek tasting glass included as well as a ceramic coaster to rest it on. An accompanying guidebook has distillery information and tasting notes on each that you pick up via QR code (I wouldn’t mind having some in the actual book, if I’m picky). There’s also a place to jot down your own thoughts and there’s no shortage of silly celestial copy.

the Windows

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Each of the 24 whiskeys is packaged in a cute little glass flask (seriously, I love flasks). A single pour is 1.7 ounces, which is enough for two people to enjoy the taste if you don’t mind drinking so much at night or prefer to share the experience with a friend.

A great blend of whiskeys and whiskeys

There’s a rather thoughtful blend of single malts, blended scotches, ryes, bourbons, Irish whiskeys, Australian, Japanese and American offerings, which technically means it contains whiskey and whiskey samples. The range of spirits contains a good representation of old-guard producers like a 10-year-old Bushmills Irish and a 15-year-old single malt from The GlenAllachie. Newer distilleries also shine brightly during the 24-day tasting, including a hard-hitting bourbon from Penelope (Indiana) and the complex American single malt from Balcones (Texas) – one of my favorite pours.

day 1

Each day’s deal includes a QR code to retrieve in-depth tasting notes and lots of distillery information.

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Price and delivery time

At $250, Flaviar’s Whiskey Flavor Advent Calendar certainly isn’t the cheapest, but you do get over 40 ounces of premium liquor, a stone coaster, and a tasting glass, all wrapped up in super fun holiday packaging. The calendars are still in the pre-order phase but, according to the brand’s website, they will ship in the next few weeks and well before December 1.


The Whiskeys of the Galaxy feature many pours from distant locations.

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A bonus Flaviar subscription with your purchase

Order any of the Whiskeys of the Galaxy calendars and you’ll also get a free subscription to Flaviar which includes in-app discounts when ordering from the Marketplace, free delivery, and access to tours and live events.

With a carefully curated Whiskeys of the Galaxy tasting schedule, Flaviar invites us to expand our very own “whiskeyverse” into 2021. I say get ready for liftoff and grab one of these beauties before they sell out.

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