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“This is how we annoy even the biggest fans”

Formula 1 wants to schedule more and more races during the season. At, Bernie Ecclestone gives his opinion on the new F1 calendar. The Briton thinks there are too many races.

Ecclestone has been the big boss of Formula 1 for over forty years. Now he looks sideways, often with a critical eye. The Briton disagrees with the number of races Formula 1 plans for the future. “This is how you annoy even the biggest fans and also destroy interest in television”, Ecclestone said.

F1 wants more and more races

For the 2022 season, 23 races are planned. This was also the plan for the current season, but due to the consequences of the corona pandemic, 22 races are now scheduled. “Eighteen races are enough. But now you are destroying many families with this unnecessary stress and trampling your health.”, Ecclestone said.

As more and more races are scheduled in the season, more and more triple heads are taking place. This means that teams travel from race to race for three consecutive weeks and barely see their families. Max Verstappen, for example, has already said that this is a bit too much. It remains to be seen if there will be more races in a season in the future.

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