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Top 10 planning tools for your business calendar

Meetings and events are an indispensable part of any organization. While they are extremely valuable, it cannot be denied that their programming can be time consuming – time that could have been spent preparing for these events. The scheduling tools help here by handling mundane tasks like scheduling meetings, following up, and sending reminders, among others.

However, not all planning tools have effective features. A robust planning tool should be easy to use, integrated with calendars and collaboration tools, cross-platform compatible, customizable, and globally valuable.

To avoid the endless spiral of searching for the best tools, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best planning tools for Google Calendar along with their basic features and pricing.

Top 10 planning tools for your business calendar

Top 10 planning tools for your business calendar

1. Doodle

Basic functionality: integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar.

Synchronize appointments, schedules, events and manage meetings using polls.

Platform: Web, iOS and Android.

Price: Starter- $ 4 / user / month, Pro- $ 6 / user / month, Team- starts with $ 30/5 users / month, Free trial

Doodle is a great planning tool to save time and energy. The most distinct feature of Doodle is its poll option. Users create a survey with the available meeting dates and times. The poll is set up on the MeetMe page and can be accessed by team members. The meetings are decided according to the availability of the members. Users can also create a public poll, where individuals can request a meeting with them.

Premium features like custom themes, brand and subdomain, automatic reminders, ad-free, SSL encryption, and other features. Doodle also offers a business plan, pricing details of which are available by contacting them.

2. Schedule

Basic functionalities: integrates with Google Calendar, iCal, Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, Intercom.

Schedule unlimited events with a personalized Calendly link.

Automates email notifications.

Platform: Web & Google Chrome Extension.

Price: Free Basic Plan, Premium – $ 8 / user / month, Pro- $ 12 / user / month.

Calendly is one of the most convenient planning tools with a clean and easy to use interface. Users create their calendar in Calendly by entering their available meeting dates and times. A link is generated, which can be sent to other team members. Team members can choose the time, duration and location of their choice.

Equipped with powerful integrations, Calendly is a good option for scheduling meetings with external members such as customers and prospects. The paid plan includes additional integrations, custom branding, and notification features.

3. Acuity planning

Basic features: Open API, unlimited appointments. (available with the free plan)

Integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook 365, and other calendars.

Integrates with email and video conferencing tools.

Supports Paypal, Stripe, and Square.

Integrates into websites and social media sites.

Platform: Web, iOS, Android.

Price: Free plan for individuals, Emerging entrepreneur – $ 15, Growing business – $ 25, Power player – $ 50. Free trial available for all paid plans.

An easy-to-use scheduling tool, Acuity Scheduling manages user schedules from start to finish. Users set their available times and clients can book their own appointments. The immediate step after a reservation is a personalized form that customers fill out and submit after writing the relevant details.

In addition to scheduling meetings, Acuity Scheduling also offers flexibility in managing user accounts and billing. It is a comprehensive planning tool.

Although a free version is available, its functionality is limited. All paid plans come with great onboarding, syncing, payment, and branding features.

4. Assistant.

Basic functionality: integrates with Gmail and Google Calendar.

Schedules the date, time, location and duration of the meeting.

Integrates with Hangouts, GoToMeeting, UberConference,, ReadyTalk, etc.

Email notifications.

Platform: Web and Google Chrome extension.

Price: Free works best for arranging one-on-one meetings via email. He starts his work from Gmail itself. When scheduling a session with team members or clients, users can set a date, time, duration, and location of their choice. composes this information like an email and sends it to the recipients. Recipients can choose their preferred availability option and a meeting is scheduled. Once the schedule is confirmed, notes all the relevant details in the user’s schedule.

Its seamless integration with Gmail and Google Calendar makes planning very convenient.

5. Schedule Once

Basic features: program the date, time, place and duration of the meeting.

Integrates with Google / Office 365 / Outlook / iCloud calendar, Gmail, Zoom, Zapier, Salesforce, GoToMeeting, Infusionsoft, websites, etc.

Supports multiple users with multiple calendars.

Branding, themes, notifications, links and personalized forms.

Single links, group sessions, multiple event types, time zone support.

Platform: Web only.

Price : From $ 15 / month for three users, $ 10 / month for 4-100 users, price breakdown at time of contact for 101+ users, 14-day free trial

An incredible scheduling tool for individuals and teams, ScheduleOnce helps users easily connect with their customers or prospects. Users can create their planning scenarios with multiple calendars and integrate them into their websites. Anyone wishing to get in touch with them can reserve their time slot. Reservations are automatically synced with customer and team member calendars.

ScheduleOnce is a useful asset for sales teams because it allows prospects to schedule a meeting from their first point of contact, itself. This action helps them qualify faster through the sales funnel.

You can also check Invite once, by OnceHub.

6. Choose

Basic features: automatic schedule reservation for team members

Integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar and Outlook 365.

Platform: Web only.

Price: $ 9 / month

Pick is an easy-to-use scheduling tool that allows users to set their availability and invite team members by sharing the custom URL. Team members choose the date and time of their choice.

As Pick integrates easily with Gmail and Google Calendar, it automatically scans team member’s calendars and sorts a list of available times.


Basic Features: Unlimited Meeting Planners, Custom Branding, Meeting Reminders, Follow-ups, Unlimited Guests, Custom URL.

Integrates with Google Calendar, Skype, Hangouts.

Platform: Web, iOS, Android, Outlook, Chrome extension.

Price: $ 12 / month / organizer or $ 129 / month / year users can create a meeting page with their availability details such as date, time, duration, and location. They get a unique URL, which can be shared with the participants. After confirmation, the meeting is automatically noted in the agendas of the participants. All upcoming meetings and their relevant details are displayed in a dashboard.

In addition to scheduling meetings, also includes the feature of taking meeting agendas and notes and sharing them with team members.

8. Free Busy

Basic features: unlimited participants, personalized link, survey options, software encryption, SSO.

Integrates with Google Calendar and other calendars, Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc.

Platform: Web, Outlook plugin, Chrome extension.

Price: Personal-Free, Professional- $ 4 / user / month, Business- $ 12 / user / month, Business- $ 20 / user / month.

FreeBusy allows users to create a meeting, configure their availability, and add team members or clients. Participants choose their preferred times from the list of available dates and times.

Users can also send a personalized URL to attendees and request a meeting. Participants can accept or decline meetings.

FreeBusy comes with a lot of integrations and is therefore useful for internal and external use.

Professional, Enterprise and Enterprise plans boost additional features.

9. YouCanBook.Me

Basic Features: Custom URLs, Booking Pages, Booking Forms, and Branding.

Automatic reminders and follow-ups, optimized for mobile, several reservations per time slot.

Integrates with Google Calendar, Zapier, Gmail, Stripe, etc.

Platform: Web only.

Price: $ 10 / calendar / month, Free trial available

The name itself is self-explanatory. YouCanBook.Me allows users to configure their available dates and times. Participants can schedule a meeting by reserving the available times. YouCanBook.Me is a simple yet powerful tool for scheduling meetings.

Its integration with Google Calendar allows it to automatically synchronize reservations made by participants. YouCanBook.Me is a powerful planning tool for individuals and team members. Users can also create custom URLs, custom booking pages, configure different booking forms,


Basic features: AI scheduling assistants, unlimited meeting, unlimited meeting types, instant network scheduling.

Integrates with Google Calendar, Chrome, iOS, and Slack.

Platform: Web.

Price: Free plan with basic features, Individual plan – $ 8 / month, Team plan – $ 12 / seat / month adds a personal touch to its planning features with its AI assistants, Amy and Andrew. To host an event or meeting, users should use Amy’s or Andrew’s email address. They will take care of all subsequent communications up to the event.

Even with the free plan, users can schedule unlimited meetings, connect their calendars, and use other integrations. Individual and team plans have additional features and integrations.

Today’s workspaces thrive on conversations and connections. Meetings, webinars, events, and dates are a great way to network and build relationships. Planning tools play an important role in setting up these events without wasting time and effort.

What’s your favorite planning tool? What features do you prefer? Let us know by commenting below.