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Uganda Youth Football Association releases busy 2022 calendar of activities

The Uganda Youth Football Association (UYFA) has released its 2022 calendar of activities.

The busy schedule of activities was officially released after 19and Executive Committee Meeting at Kenendia Hotel, Katwe in Kampala Region on Friday 28and January 2022.

The calendar of activities was one of the deliberations of this crucial meeting chaired by Roberts Kiwanuka.

Shafik Kigongo, CEO of UYFA
Group photo of the members of the executive committee of UYFA with their trophy awarded by FUFA as the best member association in 2021

February will see the launch of the database via UYFA connect, the publication of UYFA competition rules, strategic marketing planning and the UYFA National Invitational Championship (U-16 for boys and girls).

March has the virtual sub-committee meetings, UYFA player selection and licensing as well as the release of the UYFA communications code.


In April there will be the UYFA quarterly press breakfast, the academy CEO summit (regions), the UYFA futsal gala (boys and girls U13) and the football gala of beach for young people (boys and girls U13).


May 2022 will shorten the UYFA National Challenge Cup regional qualifiers (Boys and Girls U13) with the finals taking place later in September.

Then there will be the retreat of the executive members of UYFA and the second calendar of the meeting of the executive of UYFA.


After a two-year break (due to the coronavirus pandemic), the FUFA Odilo Primary Schools Tournament will be back in June 2022.

During the same month, there will be a Football Administration and Management Course (FAMACO) and a Beach Football Course UYFA.


July 2022 has the UYFA Young Referees Course, the UYFA Futsal Gala (Boys and Girls U15) as well as the UYFA Beach Soccer Gala (Boys and Girls U15)


The second quarterly UYFA breakfast will take place in August 2022.

During the same month, there will be the UYFA Regional/Sub-Regional League (2-week gala) boys and girls U15, the selection of regional youth teams as well as the piloting of the UYFA national challenge cup (boys and girls U13).


UYFA is planning an awareness session in the North East region during the month of September, the UYFA Annual General Meeting, the piloting of the 11B Kids League and the futsal training course.


There will be the submission of soccer camp applications, a national and regional coordinators retreat, a FUFA beginners coaching course and a CAF D diploma coaching course.


At the end of the year, UYFA will make different academy visits in November 2022 as well as the official launch of the UYFA Regional Teams Championship with the final scheduled for December 2022.


The 12and month of the year will see the final quarterly UYFA Press Breakfast, the launch of the Coach Exchange Clinic and the UYFA Regional Teams Championship (domestic)

Meanwhile, the same executive committee passed affirmative approval of new member academies, those in the pipeline as well as others who have successfully applied for a name change.

A total of 24 member academies were admitted and six remained pending for various reasons.


Six academies remained on hold as they are under surveillance.

Two academies have been authorized to change their names. The free kick soccer academy originated from the Uganda Support Soccer Academy.

In the same vein, the Next Generation Soccer Academy was allowed to change Kireka Soccer Academy.

Meanwhile, the executive body asks Walugembe Memo Snipers to change his name.

At the same time, Lugazi Soccer Academy and Mentor International Sports Academy were also accepted years after without a subscription.

The executive body also decided that no academy would cross borders to participate in international competitions without a letter from UYFA, FUFA and the National Sports Council (NCS).

2022 UYFA Annual Activity Calendar


• UYFA National Invitational Championship (B16 for boys and girls)

• Launch of the database (UYFA Connect)

• Publication of UYFA competition rules

• Strategic marketing planning


• Virtual meeting of sub-committees

• Selection and licensing of UYFA players

• Publication of the UYFA communication code


• Quarterly UYFA press breakfast

• Academy CEO Summit (Regions)

• UYFA futsal gala (boys and girls U13)

• Beach football gala for young people (boys and girls U13)


• UYFA National Challenge Cup Regional Qualifiers (Boys and Girls U13) National September

• Retreat of UYFA executive members

• Executive meeting of UYFA (second program)


• FUFA Odilo Primary School Tournament

• Football administration and management course

• UYFA Beach Soccer Course


• Course for young referees of the UYFA

• UYFA futsal gala (boys and girls U15)

• UYFA beach football gala (boys and girls U15)


• Quarterly UYFA press breakfast

• UYFA regional/sub-regional league (2-week gala) boys and girls U15

• Selection of regional youth teams

• Management of the UYFA National Challenge Cup (boys and girls U13)


• North East Outreach


• Steering of the 11B children’s league

• Futsal lessons


• Submission of requests for football camps

• Coordinators retreat

• FUFA Beginners Coaching Course

• CAF D diploma coaching course


• Visits to the Academy

• Launch of the UYFA Regional Teams Championship (Nationals – December)


• Quarterly UYFA press breakfast

• Launch of the Coach Exchange Clinic

• UYFA Regional Teams Championship (national)