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However, it has been observed that no extreme climatic conditions have ever prevented students from taking winter courses. Students living in extreme climatic zones have never failed to attend winter tutorials. Thus, it is indicated that the examinations must take place at the same time, that is to say in March. In March, the weather conditions in the hilly regions of Kashmir are not too extreme to attend their schools.

So there shouldn’t be a separate schedule for difficult areas as mentioned in the academic planner. Many students experience exam stress and become nervous. Waiting for the exam adds tension to them, therefore, they cannot concentrate on the preparations. It is not a good decision for students in the same class to take the exam at different times. The various paper games would also degrade their morale.

For primary and secondary schools, the session should be the same as that prevailing in Kashmir, because in winter, students find it easy to start from scratch. They get homework from their respective schools to complete in the winter.

The change of session will have a negative impact for them because most of them will think that it is not necessary to revise the assignments they have already completed. It would also deteriorate their level of learning. The two-month winter vacation would lose its essence and become a vacant period to spend.

Elementary students need regular supervision and activities to perform better. So, in my opinion, the November session would have given better results than the March session.

The Jammu region has a hot climate, so students belonging to this region are granted a two-month summer vacation soon after the results are announced. Similarly, students in the Kashmir region benefit from months of winter holidays shortly after the announcement of the results.

In both cases, holidays play a central role in improving learning outcomes. In short, the academic planner published by the J&K BOSE is appreciable and a welcome step. However, for elementary and middle schools, there should be a separate planner to make vacations more productive and beneficial for students.