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Vermont Fish and Wildlife’s 2023 calendar is available

The cover photo of Calendar 23 features a snowshoe hare nestled among dense young evergreens, the hare’s favorite cover. This widespread but elusive species benefits from the Department’s active management of state lands to maintain the young forest habitat on which it and many other species depend, work supported by federal Pittman-Robertson funds from the excise tax. on firearms and other sports equipment.

Vermont Business Magazine Vermont Fish and Wildlife’s colorful 2023 calendar is now available. The calendar is filled with stunning photos of species native to Vermont, from a hardy white-tailed deer to the endangered street anemone wildflower.

The calendar features works by well-known and emerging nature photographers including Josh Blouin, Jessica Boone, Kiley Briggs, Roger Irwin, Caleb Kenna, Dan Lovell, Meg Madden, Kent McFarland, Emanuel Soza-Foias and Kyle Tansley.

“The wildlife, habitats and people of Vermont are interconnected – this calendar celebrates that,” Commissioner Christopher Herrick said. “It features pollinators and amphibians alongside species of game and fur-bearing animals, and commemorates the contributions and leadership of hunters and anglers as well as community scientists, private landowners and volunteers dedicated to the conservation of these species and their habitats for all Vermont residents.”

The calendar includes hunting, fishing and trapping season dates for each month as well as beautiful photographs, making it the perfect gift for any outdoor enthusiast.

The calendar is available for $15 from the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department website,, using the online shopping cart feature or by downloading a printable free shipping form.

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