Customizable calendar

Vivaldi browser launches integrated email client with built-in calendar

In June 2021, Vivaldi introduced an email client integrated into its web browser. It came with a built-in calendar and a feed reader. After a year of beta testing, the new tools are officially available to Vivaldi users around the world.

Vivaldi Mail 1.0 lets you add multiple accounts and displays emails from all of them in one place. This eliminates the need to switch between accounts to check your emails. You can add any existing email service provider that supports IMAP and POP3, such as Gmail, or create a new account on

According to the company, its email client indexes emails from all your accounts, allowing you to search offline whenever you need. It searches for matching keywords in the headers as well as the content of messages you have read. You can also enable “Prefetch” for an account. This will allow you to search offline for content in emails you haven’t opened yet.

Vivaldi Mail can automatically detect mailing lists and threads. The indexing feature also helps with message sorting, automatically placing emails into views. You don’t need to spend time manually moving your casual chats and work-related emails between folders. “Each email can be in different views, providing different paths to an email. Instead of storing a message in a particular folder, a single message can appear in any folder or view,” the company explains.

Vivaldi not only made their email client feature-rich but also focused a lot on user experience. It supports a default three-panel layout and lets you choose between horizontal and vertical views. You also have sixteen customizable hotkeys for various actions such as dial, reply, mark as read, etc. You can either use single key shortcuts or opt for combinations for each action.

Vivaldi’s email client now rolls out with a “robust” calendar and feed reader

Vivaldi describes its calendar services as a “robust” tool that goes beyond the basics. It displays more information, offers easier navigation with keyboard control and hotkeys, and gives you more flexibility in how you view events. The company claims that all event settings are available in one place for quick access. You can use this calendar locally on your computer or upload it online for use on multiple devices.

Besides that, Vivaldi has also introduced a feed reader which aims to free you from the “algorithm-based onslaught” of various social media platforms. It will allow you to keep up to date with the latest news and other content from your favorite creators without them following your activity for a “rabbit hole of endless suggestions sucking up your hours”. For example, it can fetch a YouTube video using a cookieless URL so you can watch it online without YouTube tracking you and building a profile of your interests.

Vivaldi Mail, Calendar and Feed Reader are now available on desktop version of Vivaldi browser. New users can select the “fully loaded” layout during setup to access the new tools. Existing users or new users who selected the Essentials or Classic layout during setup can access Settings > General > Productivity Features > Enable Mail, Calendar, and Feeds. It’s unclear if and when these tools will come to Vivaldi Browser’s mobile apps.