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What is calendar blocking? – LifeSavvy


It’s almost 6 p.m. and your to-do list is still several bullet points long. Somehow, even making lists doesn’t help you manage your time better. If this sounds like you, there is another method that might help.

Calendar blocking might be the planning method you need to stay on track with your goals and tasks for the day.

You may have heard calendar blocking called time blocking, and it’s an incredibly easy-to-use productivity method. In the evening or when your working day is over, you will lay out all the tasks you need to complete the next day. Whether it’s running to the grocery store or finishing a project at work, if it’s going to happen, write it down.

Next, you’ll create time blocks for each task in a calendar. You can do this using a digital calendar (like Google Calendar or Apple Calendar) or a traditional paper planner organized by time (or a bullet journal). For example, if you need an hour to complete a work project, schedule it into your day at a time that works best for you. Need 45 minutes to train? Also put it on your calendar at the right time. Once that’s done, your day should be planned down to the hour.

Although this may seem like an extreme form of planning, the idea is to have tasks set and plan ahead when they need to be done. When you do this, you’ll be able to fully focus on the task at hand and not have to prioritize during the day. Plus, the process lets you see when your focus or productivity might be slipping and allows you to adjust accordingly.

If your to-do list isn’t enough, calendar blocking could be the productivity solution you’ve been looking for.