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Woman reveals boyfriend uses Google Calendar to schedule meetings: ‘Ultimate green flag’

A woman has revealed how her boyfriend uses Google Calendar to help her plan plans together, and many of her viewers have been touched by the sweet gesture.

In a video posted to TikTok earlier this month, Tayla, @taylarawdah showed her laptop screen open to her Google Calendar. She then briefly documented some of the plans she had for the week, including a few dates with her boyfriend, which he scheduled on the site.

According to her schedule, Tayla and her boyfriend hosted an event called “Movie Night,” from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. on a Sunday night.

They also held an event called “Date Day and Night” from 8am to 11pm on a Saturday. In the description for the date, the TikToker partner wrote, “Beautiful day about the queen herself…Tayla!”

Tayla acknowledged how nice it is for her boyfriend to schedule their dates, as the caption says, “I love random notifications and all I have to do is click yes. #datenights#googlecalendar. »

As of April 28, the video has over 508,800 views, with TikTok users in the comments applauding Tayla’s boyfriend’s friendliness and use of Google Calendar.

“He’s the man of my dreams,” wrote one viewer, while another said, “Found him, my ultimate green flag.”

A third user added, “My love language.”

Google’s TikTok account also left a comment saying, “Love this energy!”

Other viewers have noticed that their partners also use calendars to plan dates. “We do too,” wrote one viewer. “Especially because our schedules are so packed, but it’s really nice to see something planned.”

“My college boyfriend did this. Loved it! another wrote.

Talk to The Independent, Tayla noted that she and her boyfriend, Cody, are currently in a long distance relationship as she is still in college. She also acknowledged how much she used her Google calendar every day and that her boyfriend took notice.

“He knows I use my Google Calendar religiously (I’m such a planner and need to write down everything I do in a day) so he thought it would be a good idea to just schedule our dates which are virtual and in person so we both know it’s the scheduled time for us,” she explained. “He recently started adding our dates to Google Calendar after we had some misunderstandings about when we were going to have some of our date nights, so on his own he thought that would be a great solution.”

She pointed out how they “movie nights” throughout the week and via FaceTime and how much they both crave it. They also hold events called “Date Day and Night” for the weekends when she comes home from college. However, at home, Tayla said it can be difficult to manage her time with friends, family and Cody, which is when her Google calendar comes in handy.

“I usually have to write down a list of things to do and then plan each day, which makes it a lot easier knowing it’s the day for Cody and me,” she said. “I love using Google Calendar and I’m so glad Cody knows that and thought of this idea for both of us!”